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A call for growth and employment in Europe

German and French industry advocate a positive growth agenda for Europe.

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B20 Coalition urges rescue of Bali Trade Pact

The B20 Coalition expresses deep regret over the failure of WTO countries to ratify the Bali trade facilitation agreement (TFA) and urges all parties to get negotiations back on track with the minimum of delay.

BDI – Federation of German Industries


The Federation of German Industries (BDI) is an association of associations. As stipulated in the BDI’s statutes, membership is confined to “industrial sector associations and working groups acting as umbrella organizations to represent entire industrial groups within the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany”.


Currently, the BDI has 37 member federations, of which one is a working group, and represents the interests of 100.000 businesses with 8 million employees. Membership is voluntary.


· An Attractive Germany
· The Social Market Economy
· Strengthen Germany as an industrial country

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